RoflCraft Code of Conduct 1.055

We, overall, must follow one simple rule to each other: Stay excellent to each other. This includes but is not limited to:

About real names.

If you are comfortable going by your real name, that’s great! If not, just go by your GitHub or Minecraft username. If a user does not feel comfortable using their real name, don’t use their real name.

About punishments.

If you get punished, your punishment will be decided depending on severity of the damage and/or what you did. For example: If you say a curse word that’s uncalled for, you will be warned 3 times then kicked. But if you are a murderer and didn’t go to jail, you are banned until you go to jail and your sentence is up.

About Sparksammy

Samuel (Sparksammy) Lord, if the project is by Sparksammy, is the benevolent dictator for life of this, as well as any project made by him, unless said otherwise. However, if he doesn’t own a project, he isn’t the owner/benevolent dictator. Simple as that.

About basing your work off of the Roflcraft COC.

This work uses the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. To learn more, go here:

About your items…

Whenever you log off of the server or go any spawn in any world, any item not in a storage container (I.E. a chest.) will be lost. Be warned.

Server List

Note that Sparksammy and the RoflCraft Moderation Staff. may change this document at any time