it’s gonna be TRE LIT.

Opinions on Stallman

Opinions on Linus Torvalds

Opinions on Oklomsy.

i fucking hate oklomsy. he is a bad human, see https://sparksammy.com/oklomsy-truth. I am no saint either, but if you add him and “befriend” him you will see why I raged near the end. i say befriend in quotes bc you cannot befriend Oklomsy unless you are good in his eyes, which is near impossible.

Opinions on Daft Punk

they are way too over rated. i mean look, they take something sounding like a default demo midi from a casio keyboard and make millions. like what’s the deal with that??? daft punk stans are probably going brrr about now lmao.

Opinions on it/they/them

perhaps it should be per/pers/person because it makes more sence in the english language? maybe it’s just me.

Opinions on Trump.

Opinions on Luke Smith

A true chad who lives in great peace with his Thinkpads, most of them Librebooted. Uses monero for tips like a true chad.

Opinions on Mental Outlaw

Black Luke Smith, except we do not know where that per lives.

Opinions on Bryan Lunduke

Opinions on Gordon Ramsay